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Finding water or gas leaks in copper pipes

Finding leaks in copper pipe and tubing is not usually difficult. By the time plumbers get called in to fix a leak, someone normally knows where the leak is. There are times, though, when the location of the leak is not known. Big leaks are easy to find. You can either see or hear them. It is the tiny leak that does its damage over an extended period of time that is difficult to put your finger on. With these leaks it is sometimes necessary to start at the evidence of the leak and work your way back to the origin of the water. This can mean cutting out walls and ceilings, but there are times when there just isn’t any other way to pinpoint the problem. Copper leaks often spray water in many directions. This can also make finding the leak difficult. If a solder joint weakens to the point that water can spray out of it, the water may travel quite a distance before it splashes down. These leaks are not hard to find when they are exposed, but if they are concealed, you can find yourself several feet away from the leak when you cut into a wall or ceiling that is showing water damage. The good thing about spraying leaks is that you can usually hear them once you have made an access hole. This is a big advantage over trying to find a mysterious drainage leak. The spraying water will lead you to the leak in a hurry. Copper pipe and the joints made on it can leak for a number of reasons. Pinholes in the pipe can occur from acidic water. The pipe can swell and split or blow out of a fitting if it has frozen. Stress can break joints loose, and sometimes joints that were never soldered properly will blow completely out of a fitting. Bad solder joints can also begin to drip slowly.

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