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Tips from your Local Plumber

Tips from your Local Plumber TIP! Sometimes you have no choice in what plumber you have scheduled, but you can still research them online. Check out your plumber’s website and read all of the reviews that are available. If your home has well water and you start seeing orange or pink stains, this occurs when [...]

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Water Leaks at your House

Water Leaks at your House San Antonio, TX - The arrival of spring brings an increase in outdoor activity – including yard chores, deck and outdoor furniture clean up, and swimming pool prep – that can drive water usage and utility bills up. While this increased seasonal cost is just another reality of home ownership, [...]

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Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration

Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Reverse Osmosis water systems have been around for years, and they offer some reasonable ways to purify water. However, the newer units are not as effective as their older counterparts. This is rather surprising since most new technology is better than the old. Once upon a time, people living in [...]

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We Are No Strangers to Hard Water in San Antonio

We Are No Strangers to Hard Water in San Antonio The most common water quality problem reported by consumers throughout the U.S. is hard water. A U.S. Geological Survey indicates that hard water is found in more than 85 percent of the country. So then, what makes water hard, and what can consumers do to [...]

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Some Simple Plumbing Tips

Some Simple Plumbing Tips If water is coming out too hot or too cold, correct plumbing tips assist individuals in solving these problems. By following good advice they can save money on otherwise expensive plumbing repairs done by professionals. Fixable problems include clogged drains, frozen pipes, and other plumbing problems. When there is no hot [...]

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Clogged Toilets San Antonio

Clogged Toilets San Antonio Nothing interferes with my reading time like a toilet-clog! This is true, at least, for an older guy like me. Maybe for you younger men it's merely a necessary device. Or, do you bring your laptop?! Ick Factor= from 6 to 10. Anyway, if you tried to cure your toilet-clog with [...]

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Garbage disposals are a very good utility

Garbage Disposals are a very good Utility Garbage disposals are a very good utility to have in your kitchen. The disposals create a method of getting rid of food waste in a green, renewable fashion. To keep your garbage disposal in great working condition for the life of the product, it’s a smart idea to [...]

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Bathtub – Shower Plumbing San Antonio

Bathtub Shower Plumbing San Antonio We repair and service all brands and models of bathtub and showers in San Antonio. If your bathtub doesn't drain properly, water coming out of both the tub spout and the shower head at the same time when you turn the water on or you have any other problems, simply [...]

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