Garbage Disposals are a very good Utility

Garbage disposals are a very good utility to have in your kitchen. The disposals create a method of getting rid of food waste in a green, renewable fashion. To keep your garbage disposal in great working condition for the life of the product, it’s a smart idea to know what kind of items can be put into the disposal and what kind of things you should never put down your garbage disposal.garbage disposal repair san antonio

Hard Items

Hard items will sometimes just sit on top of a disposers motor and make horrendous noise. If the disposer can’t properly grind the item, it’s going to create large problems for your kitchen sink. Depending on the quality of your item decides the hardness of items that can be crushed. For example, a top of the line disposer, such as the InSinkErator Evolution Excel or the Waste King 9980 would be able to dispose of hard items such as candy, popcorn kernels, fruit seeds and other items. The rule of thumb is to know your disposer limits. If you have a builder grade disposer, it’s time to think about upgrading or just limiting the amount of items you put into the disposer (But where’s the fun in that?).

Stringy/Fibrous Items (Corn husks, banana peels, etc)

These type of items can present a problem for disposals due to their fiber nature. Long strands of anything can get wrapped around moving parts and cause your disposal to seize up. These items can also become so wrapped around mechanical parts that they will cause blockages that seem impossible to fix.

Non-food items

A garbage disposal, also known as a food waste disposer, is an item meant to grind table scraps of food. It’s amazing what some plumbers find inside of disposals. Do not put non-food items into your disposal, even if it’s a trash item from the kitchen. Prevent putting cloth, glass, or any wood based items into your disposal. They will only create a headache for your plumber later. A tip for all the mothers out there: If you have young children, you can purchase a sink drain stopper to prevent them from putting items into your sink drains.

We hope the above tips will help you understand your disposer a bit better. If you follow the tips above, your disposer will work properly and efficiently for a long time. If you’re ever doubting yourself about putting an item into the disposer, the best tip is to just put it in the trash. By searching online or viewing your owners manual you should be able to understand your disposal system and keep it in the best operating condition possible.

If you do have a builder grade food waste disposal, now is great time to view our research and purchase a great disposal. This website is dedicated to the consumer and we have put hours upon hours of research into each of our reviews. As always, if you have any questions please post in the comments section below. Please visit our Website