Salt-Free Water Softener Systems San Antonio

We’re proud to offer the Hyperion Cameleon as part of our salt-free Water Softener System process.

If you believe your family deserves the best soft water that’s not only safe but delicious to drink, this is the water filtration – water softener process you need to invest in.

The unit uses green technology through the salt-free implementation, with the 4-stage process offering an exclusive refinement cycle for your water. Using FDA-approved materials and construction, we’re confident the Hyperion Cameleon can take care of your water softener needs.

4-Stage Refinement with the Hyperion Cameleon

We’re not going to go fully into the science behind the process (it can be a little sleep inducing!), but this is a summary of how each stage works. It effectively cleans your water, removing all of the nasty elements found in water from the faucet, and then conditions it for improved quality. This is how it all fits together:

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Conditioning treatment

This is where your water is taken to the ‘next level’. We achieve the ‘soft’ qualities that gives it the properties perfect for hygiene, the pH levels are neutralized, while you’ll also experience ‘wetter’ and more oxygenated water.

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The filtration process is the first step in getting rid of smells, colors, and tastes that lower the quality of the water.

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The granular catalytic carbon process removes iron, chloramines, and sulfide.


This is where KDF process media in order to stop bacterial fouling, controlling the development of algae, the eradication of any remaining chlorine, and the 98% removal of heavy metals, as well as lime and scale buildup.

Our Water Softener Systems Offer These Benefits:

  • Salt-free technology that offers a fully ‘green’ process.
  • The effects of hard water, including damage to appliances, are minimized.
  • The system can cover your entire home.

We also use an exclusive digital control valve that makes the entire process essentially hands-free. It runs only during regeneration, it has an automatic calculation unit, and you know exactly how much you have used per day. Easy and convenient, just as it should be with any top notch Water Softener Systems

Refiner Tank: Built to Last

We are proud of offering a blow-molded refiner tank that features an FDA and NSF approved inner shell.

This allows for a maintenance-free process that is completely leak-proof. We also wanted to ensure the system could withstand a high pressure environment, which is why we used thermo-wound windings on the external.

This allows operation in working pressures of approximately 120 psi. To eliminate condensation, we’ve used an atmospheric break, which insulates the tank. Finally, the stainless 22-gauge steel is highly polished and ready to go at it for the long-haul. It also happens to look good!

Water Conditioning with Purion®

We want to give some special attention to our water conditioning process (Stage 4).

Our Water Softer Systems use an exclusive product that uses no chemicals, doesn’t have any moving parts, requires absolutely no maintenance, and literally lasts a lifetime.

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