Multi-Stage Water Purification Systems San Antonio

Our Hyperion Elite multi-stage water filter systems offer the best in water filtration.

Our system will turn hard water that damages clothes, doesn’t taste good, and isn’t necessarily safe to drink into delicious and clear water for you and your family. We use state-of-the-art technology to remove all known impurities and bacteria, giving you full peace of mind.

Our 5-stage Refinement Process

Our water purification systems feature 5-stage refinement processes that remove all impurities, soften water, and make it drinkable and safe. This is how it works:

  • Stage 1. Granulated carbon eliminates chlorine and chloramines. This stuff is often used by cities to remove bacteria. However, it’s far too much for households. Our method removes odors and the bad taste you get as a result.
  • Stage 2. Soft water is preferable over hard water as it’s better for hygiene reasons and it doesn’t damage your appliances. Our commercial grade resin ensures all hardness is removed.
  • Stage 3. The pH is water needs to be changed in order to achieve neutralization.
  • Stage 4. Suspended solids are removed. These are not visible to the naked eye, but our filtration system is able to eliminate them from your water.
  • Stage 5. The final stage turns your water into that lovely sparkling crystal-like appearance.

Hyperion Elite

The Hyperion Elite unit is one of our signature water purification systems.

It’s highly durable, offering 22 gauge stainless steel that will last you for many years to come. The atmospheric break insulates the system, preventing damaging condensation.

With highly resistant materials, the Hyperion Elite is able to withstand pressures of up to 120 psi. This model also includes:

  • Ease of use. The Hyperion Elite doesn’t require any active maintenance, nor do you have to fiddle with it to make it work. It’s all set and forget using an easy-to-operate electronic display.
  • An efficient system. The 8-cycle regeneration process refines your water efficiently and effectively.
  • Durable. We use high quality materials to ensure long-lasting systems for all of our customers. For example, you’ll get 22-gauge stainless steel and Teflon®-coated pistons.


There’s only a small difference between our original Hyperion Elite and the + version. The Hyperion Elite+ features a 3-tank system. In terms of the refinement process, you can expect the same high quality service.


Our experienced technicians are ready to service your home within 24 hours. We have the experience, know-how, and service record to ensure you get a smooth and swift installation of any of our Hyperion Elite models. We are capable of working with any existing installations, no matter the brand, making sure you’re set for many years of clean and delicious drinkable water.

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